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Otter in Kelp-11890 Pier Pilings 2-1-EditCapitola Pier-1Elephant Seals 220125-949Hook Sunrise Pano-1 copy-2Humpback Lunging Monterey Bay-1-EditHumpback Lunging with Anchovies-1Humpbacks Lunging with Sardines and Seals-1KCapaldo Anemone Negative Tide PP-1-EditKCapaldo Santa Cruz Misc-6McWay Falls-1Santa Cruz Aerial 221129-147Santa Cruz Aerial 221129-212Santa Cruz Aerial 221129-149Monarch Butterflies 211118-29Monarch Butterflies Oct 2022-95Monarch Butterflies Pacific Grove Oct 2022-14-EditMonarch Butterflies Pacific Grove Oct 2022-46Monterey Bay Jellies-1Sandy Wool Lake 220215-145-Edit